Sunday, December 11, 2011

Sunny Day Sunday

It's our coolest start of the cold season so far in many locations -- teens in Quakertown and York, 20's for everyone else as clear skies and light winds helped bring about a healthy drop in temperatures last night.  After our frosty start, those clear skies will yield tons of sun through the day and should allow temperatures to nudge into the lower and middle 40's by day's end.  Assuming we don't get above 44 this afternoon, it will be our coolest high temperature since the latter portions of March (43 on the 26th, 44 on the 31st).

The good news is that winds will be very light today -- generally 5 mph or so at most from mid-morning on thanks to the presence of high pressure over the Mid Atlantic.   This should help mitigate the chill factor somewhat for those who are out in the sun.