Friday, December 30, 2011

Temporary Easing Of Chill

Yesterday's weak disturbance brought some flurries and a flurry of excitement to the few who wondered if it would ever snow this winter.  While it didn't officially record a trace at the Airport, many of us saw a few flakes in the sky in the mid and late afternoon hours.   That disturbance has lifted northeast, nudging some milder air north with it for today.  We'll experience a mix of sun and clouds through the region today as another weak clipper type system is moving through the Lakes and will impact us tonight with showers.  The track of the second clipper is farther to our north than what was being discussed a while back and the result will be rain showers tonight for the region, some of which will linger into Saturday morning.

While temperatures are starting out chilled, generally in the 20's and 30's, it is a good bit milder than yesterday morning's lower and middle 20's.   There will be a defined easing of chill around the region through the weekend -- temperatures today through Sunday will average ten or more degrees above normal in advance of the cold plunge that we will have next Monday through midweek.   Today's highs will hit 52 in the city, with low to mid 50's commonplace everywhere else.   Winds will be light from the south (5-10 mph).