Wednesday, December 14, 2011


We're not as cool as past mornings around the Delaware Valley -- temperatures are a touch milder in many locations this morning thanks to the presence of some clouds around the area.  It's not cloudy everywhere -- at least as of the early hour of this post -- but there is some mid and high level cloudiness around and it will be with the region at times through the day.  It won't be all clouds all the time -- some sun will work through, especially in the morning and midday timeframe -- but clouds will increase in coverage during the afternoon.

Temperatures will top out at levels similar to yesterday -- upper 40's in Philly and much of Southeastern Pennsylvania, around 50 south of town.   Winds will be light, generally nudging southeast during the afternoon.  All in all, not a bad day locally.

The threat of freezing rain for the Poconos that was outlined in previous posts here seems to be diminishing -- temperatures up north tonight should stay above 32 but some of the "usual suspect" cool places in the Poconos (highest elevations, sheltered valleys) may flirt close to the freezing mark later this evening as warm air advection showers pass to the north of I-78 after 7 or 8 PM.  Wouldn't surprise to see a couple of slick spots but the threat for a more widespread freezing rain event up north is rather low.   We shouldn't have that issue in the Lehigh Valley or in the Philly metro either...temperatures will be milder and the threat of precipitation locally is quite low tonight.   Our shot at rain occurs tomorrow.