Sunday, December 04, 2011

Weather Rewind, November 27-December 3, 2011

Getting to 70 degrees with record highs in parts of the region in late November usually tells you it was a warm week.  Temperatures averaged 7.9 degrees above average for the changeover week between November and December, with the lion's share of the warmth occurring in the last few days of November (where temperatures were in the 60's or 70 on Sunday through Tuesday) before we returned to reality for the 30th and the first few days of December.   After the warmth, temperatures were much more "typical" for this time of the year but we arguably had three very nice days to close out the week with a good bit of sunshine overall.

Rainfall last week averaged out to between a half inch and an inch of rain, much of it centered around Tuesday with the approach and passage of the front through the region during the afternoon and evening hours.  Philly picked up 0.58" for the week, not flood-inducing but some spots did get a bit more rain than that -- with some one inch totals in the Lehigh Valley and down along the coast.

Nationally, temperatures in November ended up milder than average for most everyone except the West Coast and Great Basin states, with the warmest to average across the Northern Plains and interior sections of New England, with temperatures running over five or six degrees above average along the border with Canada.