Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Wind Whipped Evening

As of 7:45 PM, here's a radar shot of the region with a temperature profile from the 7 PM hour.  The squall line that blasted through Philadelphia over the past hour is now working into Trenton and Mount Holly, continuing to work east and northeast through the Garden State.  

Winds gusted to at least 40 mph in much of the I-95 corridor as the line worked through, with a 51 mph wind gust record at 7:06 this evening at the Airport in Southwest Philly.   Some power outages are being reported in parts of South Jersey as well thanks to the winds with this storm system.

Temperatures are at their highest point of the day -- generally mid and upper 50's -- and will be working lower through the coming hours as the cold front that triggered the squall line is now working through the region.  It will take much of tonight for us to cool off but that temperature descent will begin within the next few hours from west to east.   Winds should taper off a bit from the higher gusts of the dinner hour and early evening but wind will be a factor again on Wednesday.

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