Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Windy Wednesday Ahead

Wednesday's shaping up as a rather windy day as last night's storm has pushed into Canada.     It's been breezy at times through the night -- winds gusting to over 25 mph in spots, higher over the hills up to our north, but we will see wind gusts crank up further in the coming hours as the sun rises later on.   Temperatures are starting off in the 40's for many locations at this early hour, likely to hang steady in the lower and middle 40's through the day in the Delaware Valley.  What you get going out the door is pretty much what the day will shape up to be...a wind-whipped winter Wednesday.

Winds will gust to 40 mph through the region, with the highest gusts possible this afternoon as a weak disturbance kicks on through aloft.  This disturbance will help keep a variably cloudy sky around today, with more clouds than sun north of town and probably a 50-50 mix of clouds and sun in the city on south.  A few flurries can't be ruled out this afternoon from Philly on north as the combination of dying lake effect bands and atmospheric agitation could spit a few flurries or even a "flizzard" (glorified flurry that isn't quite a snow shower) for the northern burbs, Lehigh Valley, or Poconos.  I don't expect accumulations but it will at least be a tease that winter is sticking its toe in the door.