Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Clouds Will Lift, Eventually!

We warmed up last night to 52 degrees before midnight in advance of the cold front, with temperatures generally holding in the 50's for much of the night in South Jersey and Southern Delaware as milder air hung in place...it merely took a lil while to get that level of warming into the city but it did arrive late in the evening.   The front has crossed the city over the past couple of hours and temperatures have drifted back down into the 40's.  For those south and east of the city, the low 50's on the map above will gradually trend down to the upper 40's over the next few hours as the front's "push" of cool air works in.  It's still a mild morning and will be a mild day on the whole.

Clouds and fog are still with us -- the fog is locally dense across Central Pennsylvania and the far western suburbs where visibility levels are down to a quarter mile in Lancaster and Coatesville at 4 AM.  We'll see fog and low clouds hang around for most of the morning before west breezes help scour out the low level moisture and gray malaise, leaving us a mostly sunny afternoon.  Temperatures should rebound back up to 52 this afternoon in the city, near 50 north/west, and in the 53-55 range south and east of the city.   While the weather will start gray and blah today, it will improve as we progress.