Monday, January 02, 2012

Coldest Night So Far Tomorrow Night

As Brian pointed out in our forecast earlier this afternoon tomorrow night is going to be a cold night with a low at the Airport projected to be 17 degrees. It will be the coldest night of the winter season so far, easily besting the 26 we had a week ago.

How cold can it get?  This is the NAM computer model prediction for 7 AM on Wednesday morning.   The magenta shade are single digit temperatures, with the light blue readings in the teens.   If the NAM is correct the entire region will get into the teens, with mid teens into the suburbs (perhaps 13, 14 for a low down to King of Prussia), with lower teens into the Lehigh Valley (maybe 10, 11 at Allentown).

Single digit lows would be confined to the Poconos.  However, with winds remaining a factor for much of Tuesday as temperatures remain chilly we could see some single digit wind chills into the Lehigh Valley, perhaps the outer suburbs on Tuesday night before winds subside later on at night.  In a winter where cold has been limited and minor in nature, this upcoming blast of chill will certainly bring a healthy reminder of the potential of cold air in early January.