Saturday, January 21, 2012

Freezing Drizzle Lingering Around

Winter weather advisories are out until at least 5 PM in the Delaware Valley (purple shaded areas) as freezing drizzle and sleet continue in parts of the region.  Temperatures in Philadelphia are still in the 20's, likely not rising above freezing at this point as cold air at the surface continues to wedge in.  Milder air lurks to our south and will likely stay south of the city at this point as precipitation pulls away and cooler air over Philly and points north oozes south.

Roads across the area range from good on the major highways to meh in your local neighborhood. As  the sun sets later on this evening, some refreeze can't be ruled out in the neighborhoods and on side streets.   Most major roads should remain in good condition though.

Snowfall across the region ranges from one to three inches south of the city down to a Dover-Avalon line, with two to four inches generally north of the Pennsylvania Turnpike and I-195 in New Jersey...pretty close to our projections from last night (except for South Jersey which did better than expected in the snowfall department).