Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Gradual Transition In Weather At 1060

For four decades, KYW 1060 has been known for "Traffic and Transit on the Two's" and for Accuweather forecasts featuring Elliot Abrams, Bob Larson, Joe Lundberg, and countless other meteorologists.  That long-standing synergy and branding has been a major cog in the success of the all news outlet as it has grown, while also helping Accuweather's brand grow into the weather forecasting organization that it is today.

Bob Dylan surmised in the 1960's that the times they are a changin'...that phrase is still somewhat true to this day...this time in a different sense.

Recently, 1060 has branded more extensively with its parent company (CBS), utilizing CBS 3's forecasting team outside of the morning drive.  While you still hear Elliot Abrams with Accuweather, you now hear Kate Bilo, Kathy Orr, and the rest of the CBS 3 forecasters throughout the duration of the day, night, and weekend.   Synergy is the theme at play here...first was the phasing of all of the CBS media properties in Philadelphia under the umbrella, which would also include WOGL-FM, WPHT, and comes the brand synergy between CBS 3 and KYW.

To be honest, this isn't a completely new piece of the puzzle for 1060.   CBS 3 has occasionally slipped in weather forecasts for a few years now during the 3:30 PM Reporters Roundup show and has occasionally provided forecasts here and there at other points through the afternoon drive.  The usage of CBS 3's weather team hasn't been to this extent, however.

The deal with Accuweather wasn't cheap, likely in the six figures if Tony Wood at the Inquirer is right.  If CBS in Philadelphia can save a buck or two while utilizing their own forecasters, it makes sense and cents to do so.   To be honest, outside of Elliot, Dr. Joe Sobol, and Bob Larson handling forecasts during the day, the weekend and late night forecasters were becoming a revolving door of different meteorologists who didn't have the same name recognition nor last on the station as long or as frequently as the three that were mentioned.  While Accuweather's radio forecasting group is one of the biggest positives of the organization, the general lack of "names" doing the weather during the weekend isn't a strong point for them.  This is where CBS 3's incorporation makes total sense in my opinion.

Does that mean Elliot Abrams will soon no longer be on air here?   Probably not.   Elliot has been forecasting on 1060 for nearly forty years and has tremendous name recognition and a very, very good reputation in the Philadelphia market.   In my nearly eleven years here, I've never heard anyone in the professional or passing on the street realm say a bad word about him.  He's also a Philly native...that's a big plus in forecasting weather in this part of the world.   It's likely that as long as Elliot is working for Accuweather, he will likely have a place at 1060.