Sunday, January 29, 2012

Incoming Cold Front Could Bring A Rumble of Thunder

Doug talked about the incoming cold front for tonight and that it could bring a brief squall the region.  It is moving east and has a decent amount of pop with it as it zips through Pennsylvania -- it should reach our region between 9 and 10 PM this evening with a gusty round of showers.  Those showers will generally be snow north of the city, with a sprinkle/flurry/snow shower south of the city (moisture support is pretty poor south of the city).

The best chances for anything more than a few flakes of snow will be to the north of I-78 -- generally the Poconos could see a coating or a rogue inch of snow, with most of us getting little to nothing.  However, there's a decent bit of dynamic pop with this system as it rolls east and it could bring a rumble or two of thunder as it moves through.

Lightning detection from shows a few lightning strikes across Western Pennsylvania over the 6 PM hour -- one strike near Indiana University and another near Pittsburgh, with more strikes up in Upstate New York near Buffalo as the squall rolls in off Lake Erie.   The odds that this survives the trek across Pennsylvania and brings thunder into our region is remote -- but not impossible.   Again, the better chance of this would be up north -- Poconos, Northern Tier of PA, but it will be something to track for those to the north of the city.  Locally, the biggest impacts will be wind increasing later on tonight -- gusting to 40 mph in spots as the cold front blasts through.

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