Saturday, January 07, 2012

Is It January or March?

Temperatures going out the door this morning (or rolling out of bed) are starting on the mild side for many but are quite varied around today -- we have 20's in the coolest spots in the region, some 30's mixed in through many of the suburbs and in Philadelphia, and a couple of lower 40's mixed in places in South Jersey and in the suburbs.   Despite the variety of temperatures this morning (under clear skies with light winds) we will see a universal warming throughout the region today that will send temperatures to the upper 50's in much of the Delaware Valley, with a few lower 60's mixed in south of the city for good measure.   Philly's projected high of 58 might even be a bit low...wouldn't surprise me to see us hit 60 today at the Airport.  Our record high is 65 -- we likely avoid hitting that mark but temperatures that are 20 degrees above average are still a bit noteworthy.

Winds will pick up from the west later on, especially towards midday, and gust to around 20 mph.  The wind increase will coincide with a cool front crossing the region later on today.  The front lacks a lot of "cold" with it although temperatures tomorrow knock back a few notches...but the downslope effect with the west wind and plenty of sunshine will result in a really mild day.   Enjoy!