Tuesday, January 17, 2012

January 18th, 2012 Forecast

Our mini moderation will depart as a cold front to our west crosses the region late this evening, setting us back to a return of colder temperatures.  After today's 40's and 50's, expect a return to "typical" January chill along with some stiff breezes from the northwest as winter tries to set up another round of reality across the region.

The front should cross the region around Midnight tonight, with Wednesday's highs likely to occur around then.  Our "highs" for Wednesday will probably be near 50 in the city, 40's northwest, low 50's southeast, with temperatures dropping back into the 30's for most locations by daybreak as winds pick up behind the front and shift to the northwest.  There could be a few showers accompanying the front, perhaps even a rumble of thunder?   Skies will become a mix of clouds and stars later tonight after the front crosses.

Wednesday's daytime weather will feature temperatures that will generally hang in the upper 30's in the city, perhaps grazing 40 degrees for a time.  Temperatures will feel about ten degrees colder thanks to a stiff northwest wind that could gust above 30 mph.   There could be a few flurries in the Poconos but odds of a widespread "flizzard" of rogue flakes across Eastern Pennsylvania is quite low.

There is a chance for some light rain and/or snow on Saturday -- we will continue to refine and tweak the forecast over the coming days as this shot of precipitation moves closer to the region.  Our warmup that we mused about a few days ago is not quite as warm in latest computer model projections.  However, we do have a very good shot of getting into at least the 50's next week...the question remains how warm we ultimately get...and as of now the odds of a 60+ high look a lot lower than they did 48 hours ago.