Monday, January 23, 2012

January 24th, 2012 Forecast

This evening's shower activity will clear out of here later on tonight, bringing us a mild couple of days by January standards for Tuesday and Wednesday.   While it will not be as warm as modeling was surmising a week plus ago at this time, it will be a mild stretch of weather for the next few days until we ease into a more "traditional" late January look in the atmosphere by this time next week.

Temperatures through the evening hours will remain moderate some in the city and north and west, buoyed by the presence of showers and milder air ahead of the front.   For those in Jersey, 40's and 50's will remain common.  Showers should taper off after 10 PM west, around Midnight or just thereafter for the city and east.   By morning, temperatures will drop to around 40 in Philly, mid and upper 30's northwest, and near or just above 40 southeast of the city.  Some clearing is possible late in the evening as well.

Tuesday's weather will be mild, with mostly sunny skies and a modest west breeze at 7-14 mph.  We're thinking the high temperature should reach 51 in Philadelphia, upper 40's to near 50 northwest, and lower and middle 50's southeast of the city.  Between the potential midnight high and daytime highs, it's going to be close to see which one ends up being the "official" high for the day for people south and east of Philadelphia but we will get some temperature bounce out of the daylight hours on Tuesday despite a cold front passing through our region.'ll be a pretty nice day for January.

For now, I've seen the Saturday snow chances that was referenced yesterday out of the picture as computer guidance in a couple of runs has shoved this storm southeast.  We're keeping an eye on it just in case the north trend shows up.  There will be some flurries or snow showers around on Sunday, probably early, with a secondary cool front crossing through that may fire up a low in the Atlantic (or enhance the southern system).  That timing might ultimately speed up into Saturday evening but it's still a good ways off as the late week forecast will be a bit in flux for a couple of more days.