Monday, January 30, 2012

January 31st, 2012 Forecast

A warm front will nudge through the region overnight, bringing about a rather significant warming trend for a couple of days in our region's weather before the "party" ends on Wednesday night with a cool front sliding south through the region.   Tonight marks the transition between our brief chilled shot of air and the incoming warmth; it will feature mainly cloudy skies for most everyone and a stray flurry or patchy area of freezing drizzle north of the city.   While low temperatures drop off to the 20's in the coldest burbs, low 30's in and around Philadelphia, those low temperatures could occur close to Midnight as temperatures may slowly inch higher towards daybreak.

The higher resolution guidance that was looked at this morning suggested that clearing take place rather quickly in the morning hours, with temperatures jumping quickly into the mid 50's during the afternoon tomorrow.   There does not appear to be much in the way of interference (fog) to prevent a quick burning off of the lower cloud cover, replacing it with a mostly sunny sky.  If everything breaks right, the Airport could get to 60 by day's end...but we're forecasting mid 50's city and northwest, upper 50's to 60 south and east of town with a wonderful late January afternoon expected (unless you like cold and snow, of course, then feel free to grumble).

Coming This Evening:  We'll chat about the upcoming storm potential for Sunday...and what's needed for the storm to develop and possibly bring us snow.