Monday, January 23, 2012

Just Ducky For A Monday

As of 4:30 AM, temperatures are slowly climbing throughout the region.  We have mid 30's around Southeastern Pennsylvania, upper 30's and 40's southeast of the city, with lower 30's in Berks County through the Lehigh Valley.  Freezing rain advisories are still up in the Lehigh Valley, Berks, and Poconos as temperatures are still below freezing in many locations up there and drizzle is also a bit more prevalent up there.   Locally, despite temperatures in the mid 30's there will be a few slick spots out there on roads as a cold day yesterday and Saturday will keep temperatures on the pavement a bit low.  However, side road conditions should be able to quickly improve through the morning as temperatures continue to rise.

A cold front across Ohio and trailing south will move east and northeast today, spreading showers into the region later on today.  Showers are most likely from 2 PM on locally and they will be steady/occasionally moderate through the early evening hours.  Rainfall totals should average out to a quarter, perhaps a third of an inch.  Temperatures will moderate through the day, with the highest readings likely to occur towards dinner and into the early evening.    However, they will vary a good bit by location.  We could see some 30's lurk through some of the valleys in the Lehigh Valley and Berks County this afternoon but we're generally forecasting 40-45 for those folks today, with 45-50 for the Southeastern PA Counties.  The city should get into the lower 50's, albeit not by much, with lower and middle 50's common for South Jersey and Delaware.   Winds will generally be light today, east to southeast 5-10 mph away from the coast, and south-southeast 10-15 mph along the coastline.