Monday, January 09, 2012

Light Snow & Rain Next Few Hours South

Radar is showing an area of light snow (and some mixed rain) moving back into Delaware from the west.  Washington has picked up some coating to an inch type accumulations with this batch of precipitation and similar type totals can't be ruled out this evening for those south of a Smyrna-Millville-Egg Harbor line.  Precipitation should fall mostly in the form of snow, especially in the heavier/steadier bands this evening as it works east.

Temperatures are in the mid 30's in Dover and Millville -- it won't take much for snow to fall given that atmospheric conditions but odds favor most of the accumulations on lawns and car tops.  Some slush can't be ruled out on the roads...enough to possibly gunk things up out there later tonight as this moves through.  Precipitation should end around 10 or 11 PM in Delaware, possibly lingering to Midnight along the Jersey Shore.

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