Saturday, January 28, 2012

Not As Mild Today But Still Above Average

At this time yesterday morning we were flirting with 60 while it was raining out in many spots across the region.   It's a bit more "typical" out there for late January as temperatures this morning are in the 30's under skies that range from partly to completely cloudy based on location.   Today will not be as mild as yesterday afternoon was, nor as windy, but it will still be mild by January standards while we're dealing with occasional breezes that gust over 20 miles per hour.

In terms of temperatures, we should reach the upper 40's northwest of the city and the low 50's along I-95 and points southeast for highs.   Our average highs in the city are around 40 so we're going to get about ten degrees above average today.   In terms of skies,  expect a varied mix of sun and clouds, with more cloud cover northwest of the city and more sunshine southeast.

The first of two troughs will push through the Mid Atlantic tonight, bringing a shower or sprinkle to the region between 6 and 10 PM.  Temperatures will be mild enough locally where it will be liquid, not frozen...and not a big deal since the atmosphere isn't exactly abundant with moisture.   These two cool fronts will knock temperatures back about five degrees per day for both Sunday and Monday...before another bounce higher in temperatures for Tuesday and Wednesday...and yeah, 60 is not out of the question by Wednesday afternoon.