Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Off & On Rains Today

Temperatures haven't moved much overnight -- we are a few degrees warmer in general across the region at this very early hour.  Dew points, which were in the single digits in spots in the mid afternoon yesterday, have moderated quite a bit as precipitation has moistened up the atmosphere.  The sleet from last evening, which was the result of evaporational cooling in the lower atmosphere thanks to those dry dew points, has transitioned over to a general rain and drizzle, with the last batches of the first round of rain moving off the coast at 3:30 AM.

More rain is off to the west as this storm system extends back to Iowa...all of it moving east-northeast.  Thanks to a relatively fast movement, precipitation should zip through during the day and exit stage right late this afternoon and this evening.  Most of the precipitation will be rather light...and at times it will be more drizzly than showery...but expect a damp day, especially from the city on north.  Rainfall amounts on the whole should be modest -- generally a half inch for the total event from the city on north, less south.

Temperatures will vary quite a bit by location -- it could be in the mid and upper 50's later on today along the South Jersey coastline and in Sussex County in Delaware, with Philadelphia struggling to reach 50 this afternoon.  40's will be common north of the city, with temperatures struggling to reach 40 in the Poconos.  The potential for slick travel this morning will limit itself to mainly higher elevations in Lehigh Valley, Berks, and the Poconos, gradually only to the highest elevations in the Poconos later on today.  The milder temperatures moving in will hold through much of the evening before a cold front moves in later tonight, perhaps accompanied by a shower, but definitely accompanied by another return to winter for a few days.