Sunday, January 22, 2012

Raw, Chilled Day For Many

Skies are a hodgepodge of clear to cloudy depending on location as some holes in the overcast have developed last night and we'll see a mix of clouds and sun through the day today, but with everyone gradually nudging over to cloudy later on this afternoon.  The best chances for the most sunshine today will be north of the city today, with everyone south of the city dealing with at least some cloud cover today.   Despite the sunshine, it's not going to warm up tremendously thanks to the fresh blanket of snow and sleet from yesterday that the vast majority of the region picked up.

Expect daytime highs today near freezing north/west, in the mid 30's in the city, and in the mid 30's south/east of Philadelphia.  We'll see that transition to clouds take place in the mid afternoon, with the region generally cloudy by sunset.    Warmer air aloft and additional moisture will stream into the region overnight, helping precipitation break out to our north/west initially...and then spreading into the Philadelphia region later on.   Thankfully in the city and most of the burbs, temperatures should hold steady this evening and perhaps rise enough to help mitigate the threat for any significant travel problems from freezing rain or freezing drizzle.  However, farther north/west in the Lehigh Valley and Berks, temperatures will be cold enough for some slick travel overnight tonight...freezing rain advisories are out for them and points north through west (Central Pennsylvania and the Poconos are also included) for the potential of some icy weather later tonight.