Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Reviewing A Roller Coaster January 2012

Sunday marked the effective halfway point of winter 2011-2012...for snow lovers, you're probably happy with the news because the winter's been pretty awful from a snow standpoint and has been the warmest we've seen in five years.   The first half of winter 2006-2007 featured an average temperature of 44.1 degrees...thankfully we're not quite that warm but an average of 41.3 through yesterday is the warmest in those last five years and one of the warmer first halves we have seen.

January 2011's been mild -- 3.9 degrees above average so far -- but the warmth that we have experienced  so far with six days of 50 and above temperatures has been tempered by four days of highs of 35 or below so far this month.   Yo-Yo January weather has been the theme and will likely continue to be the theme over the coming days.

In terms of rain, we picked up 1.12" of rain through Sunday, which is about a third of an inch below normal for the month.  Snowfall is a bit more dire for the snow starved as we've only picked up 0.2" of snow on the month, putting us to a paltry total of 0.5" for the season so far...again, the least snowy since 2006-2007.  In that winter, we did not even pick up our first measurable snow until January 19th.   It could be...and has been...worse.