Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A Severe Nice Day Warning

Clouds have been moving overhead from time to time overnight, with temperatures varied by location but distinctly milder than last night for about half of the region.  Temperatures range from the mid 40's along the coast to near 40 in the city and the 20's and 30's northwest of Philadelphia.   Southwest breezes today will continue the surge of warmth northeast through the region, with high temperatures poised to make a run at 60 in Philly and points south and east.   Yeah, for those of you who love nice weather in January this is your chance to go out and enjoy some epic weather win.  North and west will make a run towards 60 but if you don't get there, at least the upper 50's will still feel quite nice.  

For what it's worth, today's record high of 65 looks safe in Philadelphia but Atlantic City could tie or sneak past their record of 63.

Skies will transition from variably cloudy in the pre-dawn hours to mostly sunny as we progress through the morning, with only some high level clouds passing overhead from time to time.   Today will arguably be the nicest overall day of the week as a cool front slides in from the west tonight, bringing increased clouds and a chance of showers west of the city late tonight.  Those showers will pass through the region in the morning hours tomorrow.  It will still be mild but with less sunshine tomorrow than today.