Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Some Sun, Some Clouds, Some Nice January Temperatures

We're dealing with a decent shield of stratocumulus (low to mid level clouds) early this morning.  Some of this should thin out later on as the sun rises, leaving us a mostly sunny midday in a good chunk of the region.  However, a storm system is organizing in the South and will push northeast, sending some clouds back into the region later this afternoon.   In essence, a clouds and sun hodgepodge in the sky through today...but it will be dry once again and more melting will take place of the last few snow piles lurking around.

Temperatures this morning range from the upper 20's in Millville (where skies were clear most of the night) to near 40 in the city, with mid and upper 30's common across Southeastern Pennsylvania.  Highs today will generally get into the middle 40's across the region, with northwest breezes around 10 mph this morning slackening off to 5 mph this afternoon.

We have a chance of a late night snow/sleet/rain shower as the first fingers of the aforementioned storm system work into the region.  The best chances of any of that occurring will be west of the city after 3 or 4 AM.  Temperatures will be close to freezing, hence the myriad of precipitation types listed.  It shouldn't be a huge deal in terms of accumulations if it falls as frozen but it might be a coating type situation if we end up spitting snow out of the sky...nor will it last long on the ground as temperatures will be back into the 40's on Thursday as the storm system moves in with the prospect of a solid thumping of rain.