Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Stepping Down In Temperatures

Temperatures early this morning (before most of us all got up) were in the middle 50's in Philadelphia.  A cold front crossed the region just after Midnight and temperatures have begun to descend back into a wintry flavor.  While it's still mild out this morning -- expect temperatures in the lower 40's by 7 AM -- it will be a colder day heading home than it will be heading into the office as gusty west and eventually northwest winds will draw colder air into the region.  

Radar shows the cold front exiting the cost (off of the Delaware coastline) just before 5 AM, with a band of lake effect precipitation back across Central Pennsylvania.  Thanks to the gusty winds in place across the region today, some rogue flurries and lake effect flakes could work into the hills to the city's north and west but lake effect precipitation will impact farther north/west.

Winds will be strong today -- gusts to 30 mph or higher, sustained to over 20 mph during the afternoon -- and that will help send temperatures down a bit through the day.  We're figuring the city gets under 40 by midday and into the mid 30's by dinner time, with colder readings north/west of town and slightly milder readings south/east.   It's hardly arctic or brutal in the scheme of things but the wind will make it feel like a "typical" January day.