Tuesday, January 03, 2012

The Wacky Year In Weather, Caught On Video

2011 had its share of meteorological mayhem moments caught on video and shared for the world through YouTube.   From upset and cranky weathermen complaining about a lack of airtime to bloopers to just unique and bizarre, 2011 had its moments that epitomized a wacky year.

Here are arguably the three weirdest moments of weather blooperness.  The first two were live "on air" in television, with the third just a wacky moment of serenity for the equine world.   First, to LA where Henry DiCarlo wasn't happy about his lack of air time when he had to do a live interview.

Second, stupidity knows no bounds, not even during Irene.  In 2008, the "Ike Bear" roamed Galveston.  This year, the Virginia Streaker ran the streets during Irene (video below may not be suitable for work).

Last, turn around and don't drown seems to not apply to horse and buggy.  This was from Kutztown in the wake of Irene.