Sunday, January 22, 2012

Weather Rewind, January 15-21, 2012

Temperatures last week averaged 0.3 degrees below average in Philadelphia, our first below average week in a while.  We were buoyed by our snowy and sleety Saturday, which brought us a high of well as our cold Sunday high of 29 degrees (early in the day), which was the coldest high temperature we have had this winter.   In between those, we did bounce warmer on Tuesday and early Wednesday, with temperatures spiking into the 50's overnight between the two days as a mild surge of air worked up the coast.  That warmth helped average out the week in what has been...and what will be a yo-yo month of weather.

Sunday was our coldest day of the year so far as high temperatures failed to reach the freezing mark, with lows in the teens at day's end.   Some parts of the Northeast were rather cold -- with lows below zero as close to us as North Central Pennsylvania (-11 in Bradford), and below -20 across Upstate New York.  Of course, compared to Fairbanks this type of cold is rather wimpy but it is January after all and occasional forays of chill are expected.   However, our lows of 18 on Sunday and 17 on Monday morning were below average...a rarity in this winter so far.