Sunday, January 29, 2012

Weather Rewind: January 22-28, 2012

It was rather warm last week -- arguably not as warm as we thought it could get but temperatures did average 9.1 degrees above average for the week in Philadelphia, with just Sunday being the lone chilled day locally thanks to a high of 34 degrees just before Midnight.  Two surges of warmth -- on Monday evening into early Tuesday morning and again on Friday helped drive the significant temperature departure although every day through the duration of the week was above average in the Delaware Valley.

Rainfall in Philadelphia totaled 0.76" for the week, with just under three tenths of an inch from Monday's rains and just under a half inch from the Thursday night & Friday event.   Some rumbles of thunder were heard in a few spots on Friday morning with the squall line that moved through in the morning hours, with gusty winds taking over during the afternoon as the cool front crossed the region.

Despite a few cool days of late, the average temperature this month has been running over four degrees above average this month...and in the last two weeks temperatures in much of the United States have averaged above average, warmest to normal across the lower Mississippi Valley and Southeast where departures have been close to ten degrees above average.  Where's the cold you may ask?   The Pacific Northwest and Alaska.   Nome, for instance, has averaged twenty degrees below normal this month alone.