Sunday, January 15, 2012

Weather Rewind, January 8-14, 2012

Temperatures last week were mild for the most part -- 6.6 degrees above average for the second week of January.  Until Saturday, typical winter chill was fleeting around here despite a cooldown from near record temperatures in the first half of last weekend (63 a week ago yesterday in Philly).   Temperatures exceeded 50 degrees on Wednesday (ahead of evening rains), on Thursday morning (before drizzle and fog effectively locked in over everyone but Delaware), and on Friday morning (ahead of the cold front that sliced temperatures back into the 30's).   In some respect, these temperatures are very "typical" of early December around here...despite the calendar suggesting it's the "heart" of winter.

In terms of rainfall, the Wednesday night and early Thursday event brought the lion's share of rain to the region -- generally around an inch or so for most locations.  Friday morning's front brought minor rainfall totals and some snowflakes on the end of the event that briefly covered some lawns to the north of Philadelphia.

Nationally, much of January has been quite mild -- the last fourteen days (through Friday) shows nearly everyone in the lower 48 except for Florida with above average temperatures, with the warmest temperatures to average generally in the Upper Midwest and Northern Plains...with temperatures there running ten or more degrees above average so far with a relative dearth of snowpack.  No wonder winter has been rather fleeting...