Sunday, January 01, 2012

Frosty Changes Forthcoming

We're nudging down from a mild high of 54 degrees and we won't sniff that in the temperature department for a week as winter comes back with a bite tomorrow, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Showers in association with the cold front that's bringing that frosty change are working through the region this evening, having come through in a couple of rounds so far and with the main front itself still off to the west in association with one final band that as of 6 PM is stretching from State College on south.

Showers will continue to push east and east-northeast for the next couple of hours, with the last line of rain crossing through after 9 or 10 PM this evening.  A few rumbles of thunder can't be ruled out along the Shore as well as there seems to be a bit of instability down there this evening.   Winds will remain up through the night, switching from the south to the west and gusty at times through the night.  In terms of total rainfall, not much will be expected but it will make the transition back into winter for the region.

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