Friday, January 06, 2012

Winter Takes A Break

Winter is taking a bit of a break from its relatively modest impacts on the region so far this winter as milder air slides through the region for today and tomorrow, buoyed by west-southwest winds at the surface and a retreat of the mid level trough that brought us a couple of cold days earlier this week.   While our start this morning is pretty frosty around the region -- temperatures generally in the 20's and low 30's -- we will see a mild afternoon as we get a mix of sun and clouds through the day.

Expect high temperatures this afternoon in the 50's -- 54 is our prediction for Philly, with mid 50's common in the Delaware Valley and south (low 50's in the Lehigh Valley).  West to southwest breezes at 10 mph could occasionally gust towards 20 but the mild breezes will help boost temperatures and not bring too much of a bite to the air today.  No record highs are in danger locally today -- our record high is 73 degrees from 2007 -- so we should be able to avoid the litany of record highs that hit up the Midwest, Plains, and West over the past couple of days.   However, winter is retreating after a small invasion for a little while before the chill returns late next week.