Sunday, February 26, 2012

Chilled Sunshine Today

A chilly day is on tap, but it will feel much better as the winds will not nearly be as bad as yesterday.   In addition, there were numerous snow showers across areas north and west of Philadelphia.  These were snow showers produced by the lake-effect off the Great Lakes.  Normally, they don't make as far east as our area, but every now and then with the right setup this can happen and the strong westerly to northwesterly flow was a big factor.  Don't expect a repeat of that today. 

Lots of sunshine will dominate the area today, with perhaps a few clouds from time to time.  Temperatures will be close to normal for this time of year, with lower 40's in northern areas and mid-40's around the city and points south and east.  A warm-up is in store for tomorrow as temperatures will be in the 50's for all areas and about ten degrees warmer than today.  As we have seen all winter long, when we get a blast of cold air, it does not last long and after 2-3 days temperatures quickly moderate and warm.