Monday, February 13, 2012

February 14th, 2012 Forecast

Today marks the end of the cold snap that moved in late Saturday afternoon and evening through the region.  While we're still a bit chilled outside, the trend is for moderation in temperatures and we'll see that trend continue in the coming days.  With the moderating temperatures comes a couple of shots of precipitation -- one tomorrow afternoon and evening and the second on Thursday.   Tomorrow's shot of precipitation looks rather modest and insignificant....just a few showers and sprinkles traversing the region in the afternoon and evening hours.   Temperatures locally should be mild enough for precipitation to fall in a liquid state although up in the Poconos or Lehigh Valley a few wet snowflakes or snow showers could fall.  Regardless, there isn't much moisture with this system and the dynamics are pretty insignificant.

Temperatures tonight drop to around 30 degrees in the city with clouds generally increasing overnight.  20's are likely outside of the city.   Highs on Tuesday will be in the lower and middle 40's northwest, mid 40's in the city, and in the mid to upper 40's south and east of Philadelphia.  Winds will slacken off completely after sunset and remain light through tomorrow.  No mention of wind chills for a little while!