Wednesday, February 22, 2012

February 23rd, 2012 Forecast

Tomorrow and Friday are shaping up as rather mild days locally...a bit of a question which of the two ends up milder but Thursday probably ends up as the nicer of the two days as we should get a bit of sunshine and fair weather tomorrow.

A stalled out front lingers through the region tonight, with a disturbance tracking along the front bringing showers with it after 10 PM tonight.  Those showers could linger into the morning hours before they pull off the coast.   Not much rain expected altogether -- less than a quarter inch on average.   This disturbance will pull the front through the region...this time, nudging the boundary to the south for a time before it re-returns in the afternoon as a warm front ahead of the Friday storm system that's been talked about for a while.  We will get into some sunshine during the afternoon, which *should* help nudge temperatures for the city and south towards the lower 60's.

There's a bit of uncertainty about how warm we get and the short-term guidance has a bit of a spread in temperatures tomorrow afternoon.   For now, we're forecasting 61 in the city for a high tomorrow as we think there should be enough of a west wind and a mild enough starting point tomorrow morning to make it happen.  North of the city might have a tougher task to get to 60 but 50's do look pretty likely up there in the afternoon.  South of town should feature just about everyone getting to 60...some mid 60's can't be ruled out in South Jersey or in Central/Southern Delaware.

More showers will be possible later tomorrow night and into Friday with the storm system moving through.  Thursday night could be quite mild -- wouldn't surprise us if we stayed above 50 in the city tomorrow night (especially if we do indeed reach 60 tomorrow).