Friday, February 03, 2012

February 4th, 2012 Forecast

A weak storm system will zip through the southern parts of the region on Saturday night and early Sunday morning, spreading some light snow for people south of a Wilmington-Atlantic City line.  The potential exists for them to pick up an inch or two of light snow overnight as a 'best' case scenario but a number of folks might be lucky to see a coating out of this down there.  Outside of this system, the weekend should feature a mix of clouds and sunshine and temperatures that are a few to several degrees above average.

The Saturday night system will move through after 8 or 9 PM, lasting through mid morning...perhaps even noon.  For folks north of the Wilmington-AC line, clouds or mostly cloudy skies will be the result.  South of the line is where the snow chances reside.  While it's not a big deal system by any stretch it is something for the southern snowstarved folks to hang their hat on.

The storm pulls away during the morning or midday Sunday, with sunshine returning late in the morning for Sunday afternoon.

Highs on Saturday will average between 46 and 49 across the region, with 46-48 across the region on Sunday.  Lows tonight will drop to the 20's north, low 30's in the city and south, with similar temperatures expected tomorrow night as well.  Winds through the weekend will be modest and light, generally from the northwest.