Monday, February 06, 2012

February 7th, 2012 Forecast

Low pressure will scoot out to sea after impacting Florida today, with rain and thunderstorms for them.  That low will come up the East Coast and throw some clouds towards us this evening and overnight.  Its precipitation should stay safely away from the region.  It, in tandem with a cool front that will drop down from Canada, will help set the stage for some light snow and/or rain on Wednesday as a weak disturbance scoots east through the Ohio Valley.   More on that down the line this evening.

Tonight features a mix of clouds and stars through the region, with the most clouds as a percentage to our south and southeast.  It won't be cloudy all night but there will be some passing clouds around.  Lows will be in the 20's northwest, low to mid 30's southeast of the city outside of the Pinelands.  Philly should get down to around 34.   Tuesday features a mix of sun and clouds and it will continue to be a mild.  A weak cool front will nudge the winds around to the northwest and will help draw cooler air down Tuesday night.  However, mild conditions will continue through the day as high temperatures will get to the low and mid 50's for most everyone except the Lehigh Valley (where it might just avoid 50 for a high by day's end).

Coming Later This Evening:  More on the Wednesday "potential" and our second profile for Weatherperson's Week.