Sunday, February 05, 2012

February Morning Miscellany

Last year, I had a 4 AM epiphany where we should profile meteorologists who forecast weather in Philadelphia. The result was Philadelphia Weatherperson's Week, a week of profiles into meteorologists and forecasters that work in different broadcast and public capacities in and around the Delaware Valley.   We profiled Elliot Abrams, Sue Serio, Dave Warren, Kate Bilo, and Tony Gigi last year and we (and you) seem to enjoy the features so much we're doing it again this year.

Since today is National Weatherperson's Day, we will kick the features off this evening and run one per day for the next several days.  I think you'll enjoy who we have asked to participate this's a great mix of personality, talent, and individuals who love their job.   Some interesting stories, some great career advice for the kids out there, but all in all it's a series that opens doors into the daily lives of people who deliver your forecast daily on other platforms nationally and locally.

This leads to a bunny path of sorts that I'm hoping to develop somewhat regularly here.  We're in the process of bringing on two new meteorologists and forecasters in the coming week(s), which is by design as my intention is to take my time and utilize it into more feature writing.  It's not going to dramatically change what you see on the site -- you'll still get your forecasts and model analysis from all of us, but having a smidge more free time will allow me the opportunity to work on some bucket list items that will improve the overall quality of what we do here.   Of those, I'm looking to kick off a monthly (or so) series of profiling different intriguing hobbies and personalities in weather.  The goal is to talk about people who love weather, are passionate about it, have a story to share from chasing storms, to recording data, or some odd and intriguing weather habit that "completes them".   Weather is the common unifying factor for many as we are all impacted by it in some capacity...there are many great stories to share and starting in a few weeks they will get shared here as well from time to time.

I'm always looking for good story ideas...if you feel your intriguing weather habit is worth sharing, please send me an email.