Thursday, February 02, 2012

Gradual Increase In Shadows Today

A few showers lurk to our south early this morning -- and they will stay to the city's south.  Generally if you are south of a Dover-Atlantic City line, you will see showers for a few more hours (til about 9 or 10 AM) before they finish pulling off the coast.  Elsewhere early this morning, cloudy to mostly cloudy skies are around.  Temperatures are cooler than yesterday -- 40's are where the majority of us reside this morning, with a couple of 30's farther north and low 50's hugging the coast at 4 AM.

Skies will clear out later on today from northwest to southeast as the shower patches pull away off of the South Jersey coast.  With the returning sun, northwest breezes at 10-15 mph, gusting to 25 mph, will pull down some cooler air compared to yesterday.   Yep, no mid 60' runs at 70 degrees in South Jersey.  It's going to be a cooler, but still pretty nice, day across the region as high temperatures top out in the lower 50's (52 in the city) for much of us.

Regarding the Sunday system, the latest computer guidance is now pushing the storm south of the region, with  a continued weakening trend in the guidance from prior runs. Last night's run of the GFS and Euro keep the storm system south of the city due to a confluent pattern in the Northeast, which results in the storm system getting shoved and squeezed east and east-southeast through our part of the world as a much weaker entity, not having a chance to organize.   Some light snow or rain is possible from Philly on south (emphasis on the word light) but the event is looking much more "blah" at this point than it was two days ago and even more blah than it was on Sunday.