Wednesday, February 15, 2012

First Half Of February Review

The first half of February 2012 has continued the theme of winter 2011-2012 to a tee...warm, relatively painful for snow lovers while a relative joy for fans of mild weather.  Through yesterday, temperatures have averaged 4.2 degrees above where they should for this time of the year (38.7 average daily temperature), with a scant 1.2" of snow so far this month in Philadelphia, which is about 40% of what is considered "normal" around here.  Keep in mind snowfall is incredibly fickle in our part of the world and for every year that brings huge February snow you can have several with little or none.   That said, it's been a rather mild start to February, buoyed strongly by the 67 degree high on the 1st of the month that sent daffodils into bloom in some parts of the region while teasing most of the rest of the region with Spring fever.  Even without that 67, we only have been below average twice this month...this past Sunday and Monday with the short-duration cold blast that hit the region.

Rainfall so far this month has totaled out to 0.36", an inch below normal so far.  That departure should change a bit with upcoming rains on Thursday and perhaps the Sunday storm system that's hinted in some of the models.