Wednesday, February 08, 2012

A Lil' Bit O' Light Snow

Track today's light precipitation as it moves in.

Temperatures are starting off the day in the lower and middle 30's around the region with a mix of clouds and stars.  We're going to see clouds continue to increase over the next few hours, with a mainly cloudy day ahead...oh yeah, it's going to snow a little bit as well later on thanks to a weak disturbance moving through the region.   We might be able to coax some fleeting glimpses of the sun in the first hour or so after sunrise but clouds will take over..and temperatures won't warm tremendously as a result.

You can see the purple on the above map -- winter weather advisories are out for the Baltimore and suburban DC areas for today with this disturbance as they could see a couple of inches of snow in spots.  Locally, an inch is probably a bit more realistic for an expectation...although many of us may just end up with a coating as precipitation will be light and temperatures above freezing.   The best chance of an inch or two will be across the northern and western suburbs, down through Lancaster and into Maryland although most anyone along and northwest of I-95 up to Trenton should have a shot at getting an inch out of this system.

Precipitation should start up after 1 PM far west, 2 PM in the burbs, 3 PM city, and just after 3 in Jersey.  Snow is likely west of the city, a brief mix of rain and snow along I-95 can't be ruled out before changeover to snow takes place, with light rain (possibly mixed with snow at the onset) is likely east of the city.  Towards sunset, that rain/snow line should nudge east a bit so the south/east crowd have a shot of ending as light snow down to the Garden State Parkway and south to about Dover, Delaware.   A coating can't be ruled out between the city and shore if the changeover does in fact occur.   This is a modest event in terms of amounts and intensity of precipitation -- it's a "nice" light snow.

High temperatures for the day will occur around midday -- near 40 in the city, low 40's southeast, upper 30's northwest, with temperatures dropping back a few degrees after precipitation starts up.