Wednesday, February 29, 2012

March 1st, 2012 Forecast

Today's chilled and raw rainfall will continue into the night, with some steadier and heavier rains possible later on this evening.  We'll provide some updates either here, on our Facebook page, or via twitter on timing and impacts through the evening hours.  Some one inch rainfall totals look likely from this event in parts of the region, making this our wettest storm in about six weeks...and yes, believe it or not it has been kinda dry of late around here.

Tonight's temperatures don't drop much and in many respects will hold steady from where we are this afternoon -- generally in the 30's far north, low 40's around the Philly metro, and lower to middle 40's south of town.  Temperatures might rise for a time over the Delmarva into the evening ahead of any heavier rainfall but the progress of a big shot of warmth will not occur into Philadelphia tonight.

Rains should taper off towards daybreak from southwest to northeast across the region, with a few lingering showers possible tomorrow morning for New Jersey and Northeastern Pennsylvania.  Skies will gradually clear across the southern and western parts of the region, with some breaks in the clouds likely north and northeast in town late in the day....however, true clearing might not take up in Trenton or Allentown until tomorrow night.  Temperatures tomorrow are going to be tough to pin down north and northeast of the city -- if sunshine does take hold a bit more quickly we might see higher highs than projected.  Keep your fingers crossed on that.

For Philly, highs should get into the middle/upper 50's tomorrow afternoon, the best shot at upper 50's will be near the Airport.  Delaware should get into the 60's tomorrow afternoon as sunshine will be more likely down your way.  It will be milder than today, however, regardless of location.

More rain and thunder is likely on Friday night (late) and Saturday with another cold front.  These storms may be severe or rather strong on Friday in the Ohio Valley but dynamics here will not be quite as impressive...however, a few gusty rumbles of thunder can't be ruled out locally on Saturday.  We'll chat more about it as we close in on that storm system.   We also may have some snow showers near the region Sunday night into Monday with an upper air disturbance crossing the region.  The next few days will be a bit of a proverbial roller coaster and the fits and transitions of the seasons really start to take hold.