Monday, February 27, 2012

A Mild Day on Tap

After a cold weekend, we will see much warmer temperatures today and running close to ten degrees warmer than they were over the weekend.  The morning is starting out cold.  Northern areas are in the upper 20's with temperatures around freezing in and around Philadelphia, with mid-30's in southern areas. Once the sun comes up, temperatures will quickly rise.  Most areas will see temperatures in the mid to upper 50's, but some locations, especially in Delaware, could see temperatures hit 60 degrees.

We'll have calm winds this morning; however, they will increase during the day from the south and southwest, as an area of high-pressure slides off the coast.  This will help warm up temperatures quickly today and give us a very nice mild day.  It won't be too breezy, but we'll see winds average between 5-10 mph with some gusts in the 15-20 mph range.  The morning will be mainly clear, but a few clouds will develop during the afternoon.  However, overall it will be a mostly sunny day.

The mild weather is short-lived as today will most likely be the warmest day of the week.  There is a cold front that will push through the region tonight that will be bring  a reinforcing shot of colder air.  In addition, a storm-system from the west that will be approaching for mid-week will help set up a cold-air damming situation, allowing cold air to bleed down from the North.