Friday, February 03, 2012

Mostly Sunny Close To Work Week

Yesterday's cloud cover continues to thin out, which should yield us a mostly sunny day on the whole...there might be a few more clouds around in the next few hours but as the sun works the atmosphere over and dry air continues to funnel down from the northwest we should see a mainly sunny sky by mid to late morning and into the afternoon.

Temperatures are starting out in the 30's as of 4 AM and we're likely going to add 10-15 degrees to those temperatures through the day today, which should yield daytime highs in the middle 40's for many, and a few upper 40's south of the city this afternoon.   Northwest breezes at 10 to 15 miles per hour will add a bit of a chill to the atmosphere today but with sunshine the chill should be muted somewhat.

As of this morning, Sunday's storm system looks to bring some light snow to areas south of Philadelphia -- generally south of a Wilmington-Atlantic City line has a shot at picking up an inch or two of snow on Saturday night and early Sunday morning.   We'll continue to monitor and look at the data and radar trends over the next day or so and update this.  It's not a big deal by any stretch but guidance seems to be nudging in the general direction of giving some of you south of the city a modest snow event.