Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Plugging Plugs That I Need To Plug

Much has been going on around Phillyweather.net the last several months.  You've seen the gradual evolution of our team from a three-man wrecking crew to that of six individuals who forecast, analyze, and in my case gripe about the weather on a daily basis.  We love it, we enjoy it...it is and it will continue to be fun for us.

Lately, our "hat" has become more than just this site.  Granted, it's a labor of love for the most (er, almost all) part but as we've grown it's been nice to be able to use that growing audience and share our love of weather around the Delaware Valley.

We started last year with one Patch.com site as I was hired to freelance forecast for on a weekly basis...and it's grown from that one site to a dozen in Montgomery and Chester Counties, providing a weekly "PatchCast" as I like to call it and also an occasional update on breaking weather.  It's a good partnership for us and we're continuing to work on watering that relationship with Patch in the coming weeks and months.  If you haven't visited a local site, you outta.  Some of the sites do a great job covering their local community.  The PatchCasts run on Mondays in Chester and Montgomery Counties, with more Patch.com sites forthcoming soon.

From there, we begged, pleaded, and cried on a knee...well, not quite but I met and chatted a few times with the goods folks at WBZH in Pottstown.  It's an AM station that covers the 422 corridor with a mix of  news, music, high school sports.  Our forecasts are provided on a daily basis from Monday to Friday in mornings through midday.  Occasionally, you'll hear my voice call in when there's actual weather to talk about...but considering this winter has been full of dull there haven't been many of those opportunities.

As always, you help drive our growing litany of weather goodness and we always appreciate your support of us and following us daily.   Thank you for allowing our growth and new opportunities to take place by simply reading the site and checking us out when the weather breaks or even when it doesn't...and we look forward to continuing to grow!