Saturday, February 18, 2012

A Shower Possible Late Today

A weak disturbance will push through the Great Lakes and through New York State later on today, with a trailing "cool" front extending southwest from it.  This disturbance is pushing towards Buffalo as of 5 AM, with the trailing shower band extending into Ohio as it moves along.  We should see the thin band of showers with the system approach the region later on this afternoon, likely towards dinner time in Eastern Pennsylvania and North Jersey, bringing a brief shower as it crosses the region.  This northern disturbance is out-running and out-gunning a storm system in the Deep South and its faster movement will help set up a confluent zone of dry and sinking air in the wake of this northern disturbance.  The result is the Sunday 'storm' will stay to our south and not impact us.  Had this northern disturbance been a bit slower in its timing, we could have had a better chance of seeing some snow around the Philadelphia region.

As such, the resulting weather today will be seasonably mild and snowless.  Expect a mix of sunshine and cloud cover through the day today as high temperatures get to around 53 in Philadelphia, with lower and middle 50's common throughout the Delaware Valley.  Southwest to southerly breezes at 10 to 15 miles per hour will help keep temperatures at similar levels to yesterday.

Expect the band of showers to cross the region between 4 and 7 PM from far west to Shore, dropping little more than sprinkles in most spots and just a brief shower in other locations.