Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Some Minor Snows Tomorrow Afternoon

Certainly not snowmageddon and it's certainly not "snowmg" or anything close to it...but we could see an inch or even two inches of fluff accumulate in and around the Philadelphia region tomorrow afternoon and early evening with a minor system projected to shoot through the Mid Atlantic.   This system is currently over Kansas and Missouri and will push east and then east-northeast towards us, spreading light precipitation into the region starting around or just after midday tomorrow.

Accumulations are most likely north and west of I-295 in South Jersey, mainly on grassy surfaces.  Some slush could show up on pavement but precipitation rates will be rather light and intensity rather modest to get a full blown dose of snow sticking to everything and creating havoc.   The best chance of getting that second inch of accumulation will probably occur across the hillier terrain of the north and west suburbs, the Lehigh Valley, and Poconos.

South and east of 295, precipitation might be in the form of a mix of rain and snow for a time at the beginning of the event before changing to light snow towards the tail end, which would be after sunset.  If the NAM is to be believed, precipitation is mostly liquid down there.  However, the Euro does suggest a changeover earlier in the event and at least a period of some light snow down there.  Coating type accumulations can't be ruled out between the Garden State Parkway and 295, again on grassy surfaces, but this is by no means as likely as the inch of accumulation that will fall in Pennsylvania.

Most of this event should start up in the afternoon hours from west to east, with current projections suggesting a mid or even late afternoon start time in Philadelphia.  Precipitation should last a few hours, ending during the mid evening in Philly and after 9 or 10 PM at the Shore.  Certainly nothing major but it is some snow in a winter where snow has been a bit of a premium.