Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Stepping Away From 60

A cool front moved through the region overnight, with winds nudging around to the northwest and gusting to over 25 miles per hour in spots early this morning...mainly across New Jersey.  Temperatures are relatively "mild" as the northwest breezes are mixing down some lingering mid level warmth -- temperatures are generally in the 30's northwest, low 40's city, mid 40's at the Shore.  By the time everyone gets out and about, temperatures may nudge down a few more degrees but we will start out today above average on temperatures and should start out mostly clear on skies.

Today will not be as warm as those 60 degree temperatures we got to enjoy yesterday -- northwest breezes at 10 to 15 miles per hour, including those higher gusts to over 20 will do their part to nudge some Canadian chill down from the north as  a strong high pressure system moves through Quebec.  That high will do its part to help set up a chilled northeast trajectory of wind tomorrow as a storm system moves in from the west and will provide a laundry list of precipitation types to parts of the region starting in the morning hours tomorrow (after 8 AM or so).

We're still anticipating rain tomorrow for the majority of the system in Philadelphia and immediate burbs; however, a front end mixing with sleet or perhaps snowflakes is still on the table as the atmosphere may be supportive of some initially frozen precipitation.   We're not anticipating accumulating sleet or snow in Philly proper -- best chances for any accumulations to take place will be over the Poconos (best guess of 1-3" as of this morning) and Lehigh Valley (1" or perhaps 2" in the hills north of I-78).  Coating type accumulations are possible in the highest hills of Bucks, Chester, and Montgomery Counties.  A final "call" for this event will be out this evening here on the site with an updated look at the event.

Temperatures today top out in the upper 40's in the north and west, lower 50's in Philly and southeast.  51 is the predicted high in the city, a bit of a step back in temperature from yesterday.  Tomorrow will be a larger step back.