Sunday, February 19, 2012

Storm Stays South

Well, after all the hype in recent days, the storm system that was threatening to bring snow to at least parts of South Jersey and Delaware has shifted south with its track over recent days.  In fact, now all areas will be precipitation free.  The above graphic was created before last night's model data, so you can ignore any rain/snow threat for extreme S. New Jersey. We'll only see some clouds throughout the day and most of that will stay confined to southern areas.  The further north you travel, especially in the city and points north, there will be a lot more sunshine.  The northerly flow should keep things a bit cooler than yesterday, but it still won't be a bad day overall.   Clouds will increase throughout the day from south to north, but again with the storm not as strong and tracking even further south than what was shown yesterday, we could see a lot more sunshine today than it was previously looking.

Tomorrow looks very nice with warmer temperatures and more sunshine.  There is a weak system that will move through the area on Tuesday and bring the possibility of a few showers, but nothing significant.