Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Updating Tonight's Rains (Round 2)

We're about an hour or so away from the next wave of rain's impacts on the region.  Most spots have picked up between three and four-fifths of an inch of rain locally so far and this next surge could probably add another half to three-quarters of an inch, perhaps even an inch of rain before all is said and done late tonight.

Temperatures have nudged up to our "highs" so far -- mid 40's in the city, lower 40's northwest suburbs, 50's south of Wilmington (warm front is between Wilmington and Dover).  A wave of low pressure will track east and enhance the rainfall along and north of the warm front this evening, with rain spreading through between 7 PM and 1 AM.  Rain will be steady if not heavy at times as this wave moves through.  It would not surprise if a few of the more susceptible streams for flooding see their water levels get pretty close to the top.

In the higher elevations of the Poconos, icing has been a concern.  A quarter inch of ice has accrued so far in Tobyhanna and it is possible the higher elevations in the Poconos (over 2000') pick up another quarter inch of ice accrual with wave #2, especially if it tracks a bit farther north as some of the higher resolution modeling has projected.   Winter storm warnings are out for Carbon and Monroe Counties for the iciness that's going on up there now.  Snowfall so far generally ranged between a half inch and just above three inches from the first wave.

Don't expect much temperature variation overnight for those in the 30s and 40s...we'll nudge down a degree or two between now and tomorrow morning but significant temperature changes aren't likely.

Rain should taper to drizzle after midnight from west to east.