Sunday, February 19, 2012

Weather Rewind, February 12-18, 2012

Our mild, dry winter continues across the region.  Temperatures last week averaged 3.1 degrees above normal for this time of the year and we picked up just 0.16" of rain on Thursday with that minor system that moved through.   We started the week rather chilly, with a high of 32 on Sunday just the fourth time in winter (since December 1st) where we had a high temperature of freezing or below.   Taking that cold day out of the equation, the average temperature last week was closer to five degrees above average.

Dry has been a general trend the last couple of months across the region -- our precipitation total since December 1st has been just about an inch below normal.  While it's certainly not cause for concern in terms of another prolonged dry spell setting up shop, this February's total of 0.52" is running under a third of what is considered "normal" around here.  Granted, we were so sogged with rain in the Fall that a break in the rainy pattern is rather welcome by many.  Of course, many of those many would welcome the rainy pattern as a snowy one!  That said, we've been dry for the better part of a while around here.  This week does bring the potential for more rain on at least a couple of occasions -- whether it's showery and light like last Thursday or a bit more robust does remain to be seen.