Sunday, February 26, 2012

Weather Rewind, February 19-25, 2012

Last week started and ended rather "typical" for late February but thanks to a mild midweek surge on Wednesday and Thursday ended up 7.4 degrees above average for this time of the year.   Temperatures, although busting quite cold compared to earlier forecasts for Friday, ended up rather mild on Wednesday and also Thursday as temperatures both days reached and breached 60 degrees in Philadelphia.  The morning low of 47 on Thursday just missed a "record warm low" for the date (48, 1985).

Rainfall last week in the region was modest -- just 0.29" at the Airport on Friday with the on-and-off rains that fell through the course of the day.  Trace amounts were picked up on Wednesday (weak front moving through) into Thursday, as well as Saturday with the morning snow squall that moved through the region.  That snow squall dropped a coating to as much as two inches across the higher hills to our north and northwest, with trace amounts in a number of other spots.

Nationally, the warmth of winter continued on for the most part.  February is shaping up as significantly warmer than average for the Great Lakes, Northeast, and Upper Midwest, and mild for nearly everyone east of the Plains.  The only chill of note is in the Southwest and Rockies and even there it's pretty modest compared to normal.